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Waukesha County Business Alliance Mission Statement

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The Waukesha County Business Alliance has been the voice of business since 1918. As a private, member-driven organization, we are the countywide chamber of commerce for Waukesha County. We have a broad and diverse membership representing everything from sole proprietorships to some of the largest employers in the region from a variety of industries. Our more than 1,100 member organizations represent more than 75,000 employees. We work to strengthen the economy in the county by advocating on behalf of the business community, developing organizations and their employees, facilitating networking opportunities to build strong business relationships and promoting our member businesses.


Our Vision

        To make Waukesha County the best place to do business.

Our Mission

        To drive economic growth in Waukesha County.


Manufacturing Alliance

Health Care

Construction/Skills Trade

Young Professionals of Waukesha County

Young Professionals of Waukesha County  Collaborative Logo

Professional Women’s Development Network

Professional Women’s Development Network Collaborative Logo


Robyn Company is a member of the following Collaboratives: Manufacturing Alliance