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Talent Pipeline Management Academy

Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center Mission Statement

The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center serves as the private sector’s resource for education and workforce initiatives designed to meet Kentucky’s pressing workforce challenges and focuses on the following areas:

Business Leadership

Advocating for the employment needs of business, ensuring Kentucky’s $1.2 billion investment in workforce delivery is efficient and effective.

Employer Workforce Network

Providing a much-needed employer network of support though information sharing, peer-to-peer communications and collaboration across the state.

Industry Collaboration

Using the U.S. Chamber’s Talent Pipeline Management model to work with employers, on a local level, to define skill needs and to create sector-specific training in healthcare, IT, transportation and logistics, construction and manufacturing.

Measuring ROI

Using employer data to determine the actual impact and outcomes of workforce training and development programs.

Essential Skills

Driving change to address what identify as a critical problem with many workers – the lack of basic management skills, like showing up for work on time, communication and getting along with co-workers and maintaining a drug-free lifestyle.